The 42nd Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia Inc.

2012 PESA Conference, 7 – 10 December 2012, Chiayi, Taiwan

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Author's name
Title of Submission
Jina Bhang
Creativity as 'image-making': Rethinking of poetic freedom by Michael Oakeshott
Chin-Hsiu Tai
Che-Wei Lee
Hsing-Chau Tseng
Cultural Difference and Recruitment Strategy: A Case Study of Indigenous Secondary School
Chiaping Chen
Ruyu Hung
Sheng-Mo Chen
Learning about the forestry-culture:A case study of place-based cross-curricular programme in a primary school in Taiwan
Chiaping Chen
Ruyu Hung
Pedagogy of desire: a postmodern appraisal of ‘teacher evaluation for professional development project’ in Taiwan
Nicolas Tanchuk
Bordering critical thought in cosmopolitan education: Pragmatic imperialist hegemony or cross-cultural dialectical recognition?
Richard Heraud
The fate of paradox in the separation of philosophical and political thought
Chen Huiching
Ruyu Hung
Levinas’ ethics of responsibility-for-the-other and its implications for ecological thinking
Trish McMenamin
Neither confirmed nor denied: A consideration of the policy position with respect to special schools in New Zealand’s Special Education 2000 policy.
Jānis Tālivaldis Ozoliņš
Confucian education: A new look at an old tradition
Teresa Swirski
Movement, mindfulness and 'otherwise than being': Exploring liminality in educational practices
Allan Ggita
The anthropological foundations of Jacques Maritain's Philosophy of Education
Kyung Eun Jahng
Soo Jung Lee
Transforming Multicultural Education in South Korea
Chih-ling Peng
Shin-rou Huang
A study of Gender Ideology in Taiwan elementary school textbooks: Perspectives from textbook editors and reviewers
Yun-shiuan Chen
Knowledge and Translation in Education Crossing Boundaries
Brenda Hui-Lin Hsieh
Ching-Jung Hsieh
The Constituent Elements of Global Perspectives of Cross-Boundary-Teachers (FETs)
David Beckett
Emerging expertise
Gerald Pfeifer
School discipline for social education: A new conception
Mei-Hui Chou
Fwu-Yuan Weng
Tsung-Kuo Tien-Liu
Wen-Tsung, Lai
School management ideas of primary principals :Application of fuzzy statistics
Marek Tesar
Tell tale signs: Re-conceptualizing children subjects and childhood subjectivities
Liz Jackson
Challenges to the concept of student-centered learning with special reference to the United Arab Emirates: “Never fail a Nahayan”
Adrian Huang
In search of sojourners’ cross-cultural adaptation: East Asian international students in the United States
Sonja Arndt
Language games and immigrant otherness: Crossing boundaries between speech and silences
E. Jayne White
Circles, borders and chronotopes: Education at the boundary?
Tze-Chang Liu
Opening and crossing boundaries education: The era of open pedagogy
Christoph Teschers
Education for life: Practical implications of the art of living for education
Reiko Muroi
Humanistic tradition in the modern thought of education: Reconsideration from Rousseau's reception of Petrarch
Joff Bradley
Torn into a thousand bits: the zerrissenheit of subjectivity
Albert Arko-Cobbah
African universities and globalization: Opportunities and challenges for academic libraries in Africa
Jeffrey Morgan
Emptiness and the education of the emotions
Tommy Tang
Conceptual development – an empirical study from a second order perspective
Chi-Ming Lam
When Popper meets Lipman: Promoting falsificationism through philosophy for children
Gerald Argenton
Boundaries and beyond: Reconsidering the unknown as a formative element
Sean Blenkinsop
Chris Beeman
The experienced idea: Using experiential approaches to teach philosophical concepts
Georgina Stewart
Orthodoxy, science and language in Kaupapa Māori schooling
Robert Shaw
The boundary of time in tertiary education: the phenomenology of time-consciousness as a precursor of modern pedagogy
Steven Stolz
G. Ryle on intelligence concepts and its implications for practical pursuits within the curriculum
Su Yu-nan
The priority of the right and the obligation?The Implications of demonstrate to human rights education on asian value
Cheu-Jey Lee
In search of subjectivity: A reflection of a teacher educator in a cross-cultural context
Margaret Stuart
Out of place: economic imperialism in early childhood education.
Tone Kvernbekk
Effective schools: A causal analysis
Ya-Ling Wu
Sociocultural contexts and learning: Vietnamese immigrant women in Taiwanese vocational training programs
David Cole
Deleuze and the subversion of the real: Pragmatics in education